Bhagat Dhanna | Dhanna Bhagat | Dhanna Jat | Ramananda

Dhanna Bhagat was a Hindu Mystic farmer born in 1415 in Rajasthan, India. He is commonly also called Dhanna Jat due to his farming profession. He was initiated by Ramananda.

Dhanna BhagatThe earliest mention of Bhagat s Dhanna is in Mira Bai’s songs that proclaims how Dhanna grew grains without sowing any seed. Dhanna was a simple yet realised being who sought the essence of divinity out of a stone. His writings fit into the theme of the Bhakti yoga Movement.

The Guru Granth Sahib includes three of Dhana’s writings. “Loving devotion,” says Dhanna in his Shabad in Raga Asa, “is now fixed in my heart and thereby have I found solace and fulfilment. In whose heart is light divine manifested he alone recognizeth the Immaculate One.”

Aasa Baanee Bhagath Dhannay Jee Kee – Aasaa, The Word Of Devotee Dhanna Jee:
Raag Asa Bhagat Dhanna

Ik Onkar Satgur Prasaad ||
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

Bharmath Firath Boh Janam Bilaanay Tun Man Dhan Nhee Dheeray ||
I wandered through countless incarnations, but mind, body and wealth never remained stable.

Laalach Bikh Kaam Lubadh Raataa Man Bisaray Prabh Heeray ||1|| Rehaao ||
Attached to, and stained by the poisons of desires and greed, the mind has forgotten the jewel of the Infinite Energy. ||1||Pause||

Bikh Ful Meeth Lagee Man Bouray Chaar Bichaar N Jaaneyaa ||
The poisonous fruit seems sweet to the demented mind, which does not know the difference between good and evil.

Gun Tey Preet Badhee An Bhaantee Janam Maran Fir Taaneyaa ||1||
Turning away from truth, one’s love for other things increases, and he weaves again the web of birth and death. ||1||

Jugat Jaan Nhee Ridhey Nivaasey Jalat Jaal Jam Fandhh P-ray ||
He does not know the way to the Infinite, who dwells within his heart; burning in the trap, he is caught by the noose of death.

Bikh Fal Sanch Bharay Man Aisay Param Purakh Prabh Man Bisaaray ||2||
Gathering the poisonous fruits, he fills his mind with them, and he forgets God, the Supreme Being, from his mind. ||2||

Giaan Parveys Gurehi Dhan Deeaa Dheyaan Maan Man Ek M-ey ||
TheEnlightener has given the wealth of spiritual wisdom; practicing meditation, the mind becomes one with the Source of Energy.

Prem Bhagat Maanee Sukh Jaaneyaa Tripat Aghaanae Mukat Bhae ||3||
Embracing loving devotional worship for the One, I have come to know peace; satisfied and satiated, I have been liberated. ||3||

Joth Samaae Samaanee Jaa Kai Ashhlee Prabh Pehichaaneya ||
One who is filled with the Divine Light, recognizes the undeceivable Divine God.

Dhannay Dhhan Paeyaa Dharneedhhar Mil Jan Sant Samaaneya ||4||1||
Dhanna has obtained the One, the Sustainer of the World, as his wealth; meeting the humble Saints, he merges in the Infinite. ||4||1||

Raag Asa Guru Arjan Dev

Mehalaa 5 || Fifth Mehl:

Gobind Gobind Gobind Sang Naamadeyo Man Leenaa ||
Naam Dev’s mind was absorbed into God Gobind Gobind, Gobind.

Aadh Daam Ko Sheeparo Hoeyu Laakheenaa ||1|| Rehaao ||
The calico-printer, worth half a shell, became worth millions. ||1||Pause||

Bunanaa Tananaa Tiaag Kai Preet Charan Kabeeraa ||
Abandoning weaving and stretching thread, Kabir enshrined love for the Maker’s lotus feet.

Neech Kulaa Jolaaharaa Bheyo Guneey Gheeraa ||1||
A weaver from a lowly family, he became an ocean of talents. ||1||

Ravidas Duvanthaa Dhor Neet Tin Thiaagee Maaeyaa ||
Ravi Das, who used to carry dead cows every day, renounced the world of Attachment and Maya.

Paragatt Hoaa Saadhsang Har Darasan Paaeyaa ||2||
He appeared in the Sadh Sangat, the Company of the Spirit seekers, and obtained the Blessed Vision of the Divine. ||2||

Sain Naaee Buthakaareeaa Ouhu Ghar Ghar Sunayaa ||
Sain, the barber, the village drudge, became famous in each and every house.

Hiradhay Vaseyaa Parbrahm Bhagath Meh Ganeyaa ||3||
The Supreme Infinite dwelled in his heart, and he was counted among the Spirited devotees. ||3||

Eh Bidhh Soun Kai Jaattaro Uth Bhagatee Laagaa ||
Hearing this, Dhanna the Jat applied himself to devotional worship.

Milay Pathakh Gusaaeeaa Dhanna Vadabhaagaa ||4||2||

The Maker of the Universe met him personally; Dhanna was so very blessed. ||4||2||

Rey Chith Chaytus Kee N Dhayaal Dhamodhar Bibehi N Jaanas Koee ||
O my consciousness, why don’t you remain conscious of the Merciful One? How can you recognize any other?

Je Dhhaaveh Brehmandd Khandd Ko Karataa Karey S Hoee ||1|| Rehaao ||
You may run around the whole universe, but that alone happens which the Creator does. ||1||Pause||

Jananee Karey Oudhar Udhak Mehi Pindd Keeaa Daas Duaaraa ||
In the water of the mother’s womb, He fashioned the body with ten gates.

Dhaee Ahaar Agan Mehi Raakhai Aisaa Khasam Hamaaraa ||1||
He gives it sustenance, and preserves it in fire – such is my Divine Master. ||1||

Kunmee Jal Maahi Than This Baahar Pankh Kheer Thin Naahee ||
The mother turtle is in the water, and her babies are out of the water. She has no wings to protect them, and no milk to feed them.

Pooran Paramaanandh Manohar Samajh Dhaekh Man Maahee ||2||
The Perfect One, the embodiment of supreme bliss, the Fascinating Divine takes care of them. See this, and understand it in your mind||2||

Paakhan Keett Gupath Hoe Rehathaa Thaa Cho Maarag Naahee ||
The worm lies hidden under the stone – there is no way for him to escape.

Kehai Dhhannaa Pooran Thaahoo Ko Math Rae Jeea Ddaraanhee ||3||3||
Says Dhanna, the Perfect One takes care of him. Fear not, O my soul. ||3||3||