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The Narayana Mantra is used to evoke the energy of transition and flow. The  Narayana mantra is used to create a cosmic shift in your thinking. The Narayana mantra is sung by Destination Sikh Wedding Priest, Dr. Freedom and Leela.

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Ru, Freedom and Leela

Hari Om Namo Narayana, Om Namo Marayana.
My salutations to the infinite ocean of never-ending movement.

Narayana is a Sanskrit word, with the terms: nara, which means “human, man”; and ayana “eternal, without ending (a-yana)”. Tradition associates the nara element with another meaning of “water”, explaining the name as indicating the all-pervasive nature of Narayana as that of an infinite ocean in which the never-ending movement of birth, life and death in the cosmos. Narayana, according to this etymology, is the one who moves in the infinite waters, and is also the water itself.

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